October 24, 2010


In a future of terraformed colonies throughout the solar system, a war has begun.  Colonies in the Outer Planets are tired of being ruled by the bureaucracy of the Inner, a situation only exasperated by the slow speed of communication between them due to interference from the asteroid belt.  A war begins, pitting retrofitted space craft against each other, and eventually ground forces in planetary warfare.

In an effort to reduce the cost of life, the Inner Planets develop a new technology: anamorphic armor equipped with top of the line anti-armor and anti-personnel weaponry.  The first unit just arrived on a station in the Belt, and they've picked some of the best, brightest, and craziest pilots, soldiers, and civilian specialists to take them into battle.

Welcome to ExoSquad; one of these is yours.  Treat her well.

1 comment:

  1. That's a good, solid name for this concept, sir. A good writeup, too. The summary echoes what I've seen of Battletech, but only in a few of the broad strokes. Mentioning that this is an effort to reduce the number of lives lost is a nice touch.